2330 Bale Street Raleigh, NC

Our Story

It was time to chase our dream of reliving the carefree days of our youth, savoring the sights, sounds, scents, and textures of our parents’ hometown plaza in Jalisco, Mexico.

We used to spend hours wandering through the narrow and often low corridors between vendors, looking at all the colors of the handicrafts, fruits and veggies, and the clothing, both for sale and being worn, the amazing smells of fresh cut fruit, baskets of oh-so-many types of chilis, piles of fresh tortillas, cauldrons of steaming barbacoa, bushels of cut flowers, bins full of fresh-baked goods, the calls of the vendors, the clucking of chickens, the small children gleefully playing with a new toy, buying an ice cream — all a thoroughly magical experience.

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